On Missions in Haiti

With the bleak outlook of poverty, crime, and despair in many Haitian minds, we have embraced Haiti to share the love of Jesus.  Thankfully, Jesus has pointed us to a specific orphanage that is full of children who are fed, clothed, and loved by adults who love the Lord.  We here at the River of Life are excited to offer a short term mission trip to love on children and build up their orphanage so they can change the future of their country.  

We have tentative dates for our Haiti mission team set for the last week of March 2018. If you are interested in taking the Gospel to Haiti with us then please contact Mac Marye! If you are interested but don't have a passport yet, go ahead and get that process started! We look forward to sending all our teams out to the mission field in 2018!

Contact Mac Marye for more information!

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