Missions in Lynch

Lynch is a small town in Eastern Kentucky widely known for its coal mining history. The town itself is situated in the mountains built in bewteen the entrances to coal mines as a community for coal miners. When the coal mines closed in the 60's it left many in the community of Lynch without work and a source of income leaving only those who couldn't afford to leave. Partnering with Lonnie & Belinda Riley of Meridzo Ministries we have been sending teams to Lynch for four years to either build, repair or clean up where ever is needed. All you need is a willingness to serve, and a good pair of gloves! Although the projects are  different each time there is no doubt that God is restoring Lynch and we always look foward to seeing what He has been doing through Meridzo Ministries each time we are there. 

Upcoming Mission Trip will be April 2-6, 2017

Contact Mac Marye for more information!

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