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This church body has many parts, and each of those parts comes together in a unique and purposeful way to carry out the mission of sharing the Gospel with the world. From worship services and children's ministry to special events and banquets, to simply cleaning the building and maintaining the property, every part matters and every part contributes to the ultimate goal of sharing Christ with the world.


Children's Ministry

Sundays 10:00AM & Wednesdays 7:00PM

 Children’s Church is on every Sunday for infants to 3rd Grade at the River of Life Church. Children's Church is a time for Children to grow spiritually through Biblical learning and caring relationships. We believe that children are a vital part of the church's body, and we've crafted experiences on Sunday morning and throughout the week designed specifically for children to connect with God and learn His truth in ways that engage their senses and are easy to understand.


Student Ministry

Wednesdays at 7:00PM

The Student Ministry is dedicated to partnering with parents to help teens develop as more devoted and mature disciples of Christ through an intentional focus on building developmental assets and relationship building.  While our youth group has a number of regularly scheduled activities, our youth ministry team is committed to building better one-on-one relationships with teens through attending teens' extracurricular activities and hanging out with them in their local contexts. We believe that this sort of relationship-building is the most important thing we do in achieving our mission.

Celebrate Recovery

We invite you to experiance change, and allow God's grace to helps you solve life's problems, and allow Him to release your from the hurts, hang-ups and habits that have been holding you back from authentic joy! 

We meet every Tuesday evening - 52 weeks a year from 5:30 - 8:30 at The River of Life Church Building

X Groups

X Groups/ Small Group Ministry

Throughout The Week

Every semester, we embark on an array of discipleship journey's we call X-Groups, each with a committed group of individuals who want to connect in community with others from the church and learn about God's Word and it's practical application in daily life.

The studies range in topic and depth but all center around the same common factor - understanding the Bible and figuring out how to make it practical for life change.  


Worship Ministry

Sunday Morning Worship

At the River of Life, we love worship, because God loves worship. As we watch Him change our lives on a daily basis, His work and character compel us to thanks and praise, and every Sunday that comes out in a number of ways. Our musical style is primarily contemporary, but we're also confident that Jesus is far more concerned with the condition of our hearts in worship than He is our song choices.


Volunteer Ministry

Each Week 

Our building is being used on a daily basis to service the needs of both the church ministries and the community.  Part of what makes the building so inviting is how beautiful it looks and feels when it's clean. We are seeking to provide a campus that is well kept inside and out, and of course we are seeking to do it all for the glory of Christ.

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry

Ministering to the those in prison in local Jails. 

'I was in prison and you came to visit me' Matthew  25:36