Membership Matters

We hope that, as you have attended The River, you have seen that God is moving in a mighty way.  God is blessing this church because of the commitment and faithfulness of His people. There is an incredible sense of love and acceptance that God has given this church.

The purpose of this membership class is to draw you closer to God, to bring you into a deeper commitment to Christ, to share the beliefs and purpose of this church, and to lead you toward finding your spiritual gifts.

We believe strongly that every member has gifts and those gifts should be used to serve God.  Becoming a member of this church is not the end, but only the beginning.  It is our prayer that everyone who commits to this local body will be active in ministry. Together we can reach those who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and transform this community, state, and world with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.



1.   Protect the unity of my church.


2.   Share the responsibility of my church.


3.   Serve the ministry of my church.


4.   Support the testimony of my church.


For more information on Membership Classes please contact :


Justin & Jennifer Short - 

Check our events calendar for upcoming membership classes