Coming up on Friday, April 29th at 6pm we have Secret Church 2022 presented by David Platt. For the last 12 years Secret Church has been a time to gather together both physically and virtually for an intensive 6 hour study of God’s word on a particular topic. 



Gender. Sexuality. Artificial Intelligence. Race. Justice. Genomics. The Metaverse.

Life seems complicated these days. Fragmented even. And everyone has an opinion. But what does the Bible say about all of these issues? About YOU? About ME? About the 7 billion people that fill every street, town, campus, village, apartment, and neighborhood on earth?


Like to join us? 

If you would like to join us on the 29th the cost is $10 for your book. You can register via the link below for your spot. We have 50 spots open this year. Contact Katie Cooper on  (859) 336 7604  or