Connect . Experience . Respond


Every year, we embark on a number of small group opportunities, each with committed individuals who want to connect in community with others from the church and learn about God's Word and it's practical application in daily life.The studies range in topic and depth but all center around the same common factor - understanding the Bible and figuring out how to make it practical for life change.  The main goal is that people are lifted towards Christ! 


Wednesday Night Bible Studies

Wedneday nights here are The River we have a few different options for you to join in on Bible study.

6pm 'Case for Christ' by Less Strobel with Johnny Reinle 

7pm  'Case for Christ' by Lee Strobel  with Johnny Reinle

7pm Titus with John Vorhees 


Threads of the Gospel starting February 2nd, 6pm on Wednesday nights. Join us for 5 weeks as we go through the 5 major points of the Gospel message. This study will be lead by different teachers each week who will share with you what it looks like from their experince  to have natural converstaions about Jesus and sharing your faith. If you would like some more information about this please see Katie Cooper. 


Thursday Night Millenial Ladies Bible Study 

Thursday nights here at The River we have out ladies Millenial (ages 18-35) bible study starting at 6:30pm in the church Lobby. Contact Andrea Huber or Katie Cooper for more information. 



If you are interested in getting involved in a group contact Mac Marye -